Fat Loss and Fat Burning - Increasing Your Metabolism
Time for a Change.

No restrictive diets.  You eat delicious, hearty foods in large amounts. Foods that are more nutritious and give you more satisfaction six times per day.

       No need for cardio, warmups, or stretches. This is a brand new way to move for about 15 minutes, just 2-3 days a week. A plan that works with your hectic lifestyle!

       A total body transformation!  Choose to lose 60 pounds or only 10. Beginning with the simple push of a button your confidence and attitude get a huge boost!

       You're melting fat 24/7! Your body is now a fat burning furnace that melts away big hunks of fat while you watch TV... sleep... or even while you eat! How amazing is that?

       A plan you can actually stay on forever!  This brand new system of “Push Button Fat Loss” is so simple... so healthy... and fulfilling, you'll never cheat on another diet!

We'll talk more about that in just a second. First, you really should know a little about us.

We're not scientists... we don't have PHDs.

Her name isn't Jenny... mine isn't Craig.

I was a part time musician.

Played guitar and sang a little on the weekends... But we are from Michigan which means I also used to work for one of the big three automakers. No... I didn't have a big important job. Just a cog in the wheel so to speak.

But since discovering a whole new way of quick and simple fat loss I've made it my life's mission to help others do the same. I'm now an advocate of sorts, taking on the status quo until every last victim of fat gets that final justice.

My wife Kalen works with me, but her other job is the most important job of all... she raises our children.

We're just a regular couple who, after a lot of yo-yo dieting... a ton of trial and error... and around $23,000 in wasted cash... discovered something that put fear in the eyes of the diet companies.

We discovered the truth.

The map to my journey was sketched out when I was just a kid.

I was chubby my whole life.

As an infant it was a few pounds of baby fat mostly in my cheeks it seemed. Grandma took much joy in pinching them... constantly.

By 8 my school clothes came from the “husky” section... by 12 I had to start wearing mens clothes...

At 13 mom just told me to stop eating. She put me on a cottage cheese and grapefruit diet. And dad had me doing situps for nearly an hour at a clip!

It felt like torture. But...

Did it work? Well... you be the judge...

By the time I reached 30 I was sporting more than 50 pounds of extra fat on what I now know  was a thin, lanky frame.

Basically I was following what I call the “lifetime fat-packing formula”...

If that doesn't ring a bell... if your story isn't something similar you're probably more like my wife...

You see, Kalen's weight gain was all pretty recent...

Aaah my beautiful bride, Kalen.

Yep... the dude with the chubby cheeks and 90's mullet somehow landed himself an angel.

When we got married Kalen's body was average. Maybe just a few pounds more than she would like. But she was perfect in my eyes.

Then... months after our daughter Sarah was born Kalen still had a stubborn 32 pounds she couldn't get rid of.

She tried low-carbing it... danced to some Richard Simmons videos... bought one of those electric muscle stimulator belts... but nothing worked for her...

A few years later along came our second child, Ryan...

Followed by the cardio step class... the pilates... the shakes... the points... the meetings... the fads...

The whole thing came full circle when one day I see her eating just grapefruit and cottage cheese. I literally said... “Have you been talking to my mother?”

Long story short... she never lost more than a few pounds of water weight, then gained back that... and more. When the dust finally cleared my wife was permanently carrying 60 extra pounds of fat!

She experienced what I call “Event Fat Gain.” That's when a string of events in your life leave you fatter than you were before.

Kalen jokingly calls it “The Baby Formula”...

And all that bad advice cost us plenty! We bought the equipment... we bought the books... the online plans... more books... workout dvds... the whole shebang.

Like I said earlier... over the years we spent more than $23,000 on that stuff!

And what did we get out of it? Most of the time we'd just lose a little water weight... then almost immediately gain back fat.

It felt like a terrifying roller coaster ride.

I never admitted this to anyone before but I felt so embarrassed by it all...

I was actually on the brink of giving up completely.

Have you ever gotten to the point where you just said to yourself... “Screw it... I'll just be fat my whole life.” It's a frightning thought... just deciding to not try anymore.

But I felt at least if I wasn't trying... I couldn't fail. I could be one of those people who makes you think they're proud of their fat. The guy who pretends to be the happy, jolly fat guy... Even though you know he's miserable on the inside.

I was just a thought or two away from ending up like that...

But something happened that changed everything. It's this seemingly tiny moment in time that ultimately made me save my life... Kalen's life... and later the lives of thousands of others just like us...

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